After caring for his mother in her last days, Alex has decided to see the world - with no plan other than to travel and recapture his lost youth. But after a horrifying bus crash on a remote road in Sumatra, everything seems lost. Then Domino, a beautiful girl, takes Alex under her wing and he thinks his self-discovery is beginning. But Alex soon realises that danger follows her around. As they approach the magnificent Lake Toba, and the remote community Domino calls home, it seems there's trouble in paradise. The ideals of the camp are honourable - a simple life, shared by friends in a beautiful place hidden from the world - but Domino has no answers to the terrible questions that are forming in Alex's mind.

A taut, atmospheric and emotive thriller, DARK HORIZONS transports you to the lush landscapes of Sumatra, and the twisted ideals and deadly secrets lying in wait there...

'A better class of thriller.'

The Independent on Sunday